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Cubb is a customer research platform that helps teams create, collaborate and analyse customer journeys, personas, surveys, interviews and so much more.

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From Sydney to Stockholm, teams throughout the globe are using Cubb to become truly customer-centric.

Collaborate on customer
in one central hub.

Work with your team to build, share and analyse customer personas, journey maps, interviews and customer feedback, all in one place.
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3 reasons you
will love Cubb.

1. create

Create and export
beautiful artefacts.

Cubb isn't just powerful, it's pretty too! You can create, export and share beautiful customer personas, journey maps, customer feedback and insight reports, turning your research into action.

Easily collaborate with
your clients and team.

Cubb allows you to group your research into Collections so that you can share with your team, clients or external collaborators. Clients can comment, edit and work directly with you on artefacts in real time.

Never lose
an insight again.

Cubb makes tracking insights a breeze - combine data from surveys, interviews, personas and journeys to understand what is really impacting your customers. Best of all, all of your insights are in one simple, easy-to-use, searchable platform.

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