All the tools for design teams big and small.

Cubb helps teams surprise and delight their customers by providing all the tools required to embed a true customer experience culture in their organisation.


Create living
that influence decisions.

  • Combine images, rich text and data to bring your persona to life
  • Save time by using persona templates or completely customise the structure to suit your project
  • Share a live link or export your persona to high quality PDF, PNG and JPG

Build dynamic & interactive
customer journeys.

  • Completely customise your journey map's structure by combining quotes, emotion lines, document uploads, images, channels and more
  • Update your map in realtime with your team members and clients with a simple, drag-drop interface
  • Create, manage and monitor CX experiments for specific steps within your journey
  • Export high quality journey maps to PDF, JPG or PNG

Collect better customer interview data.

  • Build structured and useful interview scripts that combine rich text and quantitative questions
  • Easily analyse your individual and collective results in a beautiful graphical report
  • Pull specific interview insights into your personas, to really show what your customers are saying

Analyse continual feedback from your customers.

  • Create beautiful, responsive surveys to collect meaningful customer feedback
  • Visualise and analyse Net Promoter Score, CSAT, customer effort and more in beautiful, easy to understand reports
  • Mobile responsive survey completion that magically works on any device

3 reasons you
will love Cubb.

1. create

Create and export
beautiful artefacts.

Cubb isn't just powerful, it's pretty too! You can create, export and share beautiful customer personas, journey maps, customer feedback and insight reports, turning your research into action.

Easily collaborate with
your clients and team.

Cubb allows you to group your research into Collections so that you can share with your team, clients or external collaborators. Clients can comment, edit and work directly with you on artefacts in real time.

Never lose
an insight again.

Cubb makes tracking insights a breeze - combine data from surveys, interviews, personas and journeys to understand what is really impacting your customers. Best of all, all of your insights are in one simple, easy-to-use, searchable platform.

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